Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Charity shop finds

5881268174_9c25357525_b5881249154_b83e51605a_b5881274496_4ce5e5f200_b5881249142_f8f1f7c9ae_bWhen I stepped outside today it smelled like I was in a flower shop! Yeah, It was a little cloudy but all the flowers are out and birds are chirping. It has been pretty hot over here and by hot I mean 70’s which is rare for us here. It’s shorts weather and I never thought I’d say that. 016I had a good trip to the charity shops today. It has been a while since I’ve been in one so it’s nice to walk out with some good pieces. Hello - that blue skirt! The photos are grainy because it’s a little cloudy here so they had to be brightened, but how lucky am I for getting it for £1?! In fact, I bought all of these guys for £1. It was a good day indeed. I know the red tube top (hate even saying “tube top”) brings out the inner hoochie mama (at least it does to me and yes I have one in black, what?!) but after finding the skirt I thought about all the color blocking that is going on out there, I thought I’d join in. Will I wear it? I hope so!

And Mom, this one is for you since you have the coolest birdcages ever. Ryan says we already have a birdcage and even though he is right…this one is so cool. I didn’t get it but I might go back tomorrow if it isn’t too late.



drollgirl said...

what awesome finds! SUPER scores!

and i love it when i walk outside and i can smell flowers. yay! there is a ton of jasmine near my bedroom, and sometimes i can smell it wafting into my bedroom in the evenings. it smells AMAZING!

Kitty Stampede said...

Wowzers, talk about scoreage!! love all your finds. love thrift store treasures. I'm totally hitting up some shops tomorrow. Hope I have some luck you had.

p.s.- I wanna hoochie mama tube top. you can make it look super cute i bet.

Jane said...

Get the birdcage!!