Friday, July 1, 2011

Someone has a case of the Fridays

008Good bye June…my second favorite month! I’ll miss you. You were good to me. Hello July!

We’re going to Bristol this weekend and I’ll be spending some girl time with my Mother-in-law while Ryan is at a stag-do. I’m planning on practicing lots of Yoga from now until Monday because I’ve got an interview on Monday morning, eek. No, not eek..trying not to freak myself out more because I’m a little nervous for this one. Fingers crossed again and again.

Here are a few things I came across this week. Hope you all have a good weekend and you know I’ll be making burgers on the 4th!

x Made this Easy Jambalaya last night. Must remember to take photos of these delicious dinners before inhaling them.
x Another DIY dye I’d like to try found here.
x Cute yellow nails. Last time I used yellow nail polish it stained my nails. I don’t suggest using super cheap yellow or green polish. I’m sure Sally’s is ok.
x Been watching these Japanese DIY candy making videos. They actually look therapeutic. I’m totally going to ask my brother if he can send some of these my way. Check out the donuts, spaghetti & pizza. Cute, gross and awesome all at the same time.

Ok byyyyyye!

photo I took this time last year of a bowl I transformed when I saw this DIY


Lara said...

Oh thanks for the shout out! I always use a base coat so I can't vouch for that polish not staining. With a base and top coat, that stuff lasted a full week with minimal chipping!

Good luck on your interview and that bowl is so cute!
Happy 4th!


nesha said...

thanks for sharing the good DIY!!