Friday, July 8, 2011

Someone has a case of the Fridays

il_570xN.236767814Right, it’s Friday so here is what I’ve been lookin’ at & listening to:

x New movie about love – looks good, can’t see it playing here though but fingers are crossed.
x Top I want to make or buy for my pregnant sister-in-law!
x Fun summer song.
x Colorful iphone case for my future phone. Yes, it’s true – I’m the only one in the world without one.
x I cannot wait to paint my bathroom or any room this color when we get a new place. It’s just…
x Is it too late to dye my hair this color? Think my new job will turn me away? Yea, maybe I’ll keep dreamin.
x Hawaiian version of “Nothing Compares to You”. Kinda sweet but nothing compares to the original.
x Puppy portraits that I completely fell in love with.
x Will you be watching the shuttle launch?? I’ve actually never seen one before!

See ya!



Photo via ASecondLife. Fridge magnets on the Etsy homepage today. Seriously, their daily collections just get better and better.


drollgirl said...

LOVE that paint color!

and this pic is fab!

hope you have a nice weekend!

flower child vintage said...

ooh i want to listen to the summer song! i need new music asap!

Karina Cifuentes said...

Oh, love that iPhone. Nice post!

rob said...

No your not Katie i dont have one!