Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A shelf to myself

013009My new little spot. Ryan put our old shelf up in the bedroom so I have a good space to do make-up and things. We have a little one bedroom flat so we’re always trying to figure out ways to change things and rearrange. It’s opposite our new bed so I just sit on the edge. It might look strange but works for me!

Oh and that’s a little pink donut, obviously.



catherine sprunt said...

Looks cute! It's weird but I have to sit on the floor to do my make-up. Because I'm so used to it (did it at home, in uni halls and at my uni house) I can't do it in a bathroom or standing or at a dressing table or anything! People often find that odd.


L.R. said...

Love love that shelf! I have my mirror on the radiator next to the bed. It's okay in the summer but I roast in the winter.

Anonymous said...

I can undertsand small living! lol. That little pink donut is darling and making my mouth water :) hope you are doing well xoxo

drollgirl said...

yay! this is a good solution!

i have to put my makeup on at the kitchen table. OH WELL!

rob said...

Hey Katie! I C the harajuku lovers perfume i liek it too!