Monday, December 12, 2011

This and this and that and

I’m blogging because I’m totally in a good mood right now. Good things are happening, people. I’ve just practiced some butt kicking yoga, 10 days until we fly to Florida, I chopped all of my hair off again and my sister- (I mean…when can I stop calling you my sister-in-law??) has finally joined the world of bloggers – LUBISAJU. Hooray!


I’ve been shopping like a mad woman the last few weeks and we’re almost finished buying Christmas gifts. I do love a good shop-a-thon but I don’t want to be in another mall again until….sometime next year. It’s hard not posting all of the great presents I’ve found along the way. I’m so bad with surprises but I’m trying hard to keep them on the hush hush.

Our tree is up and it’s looking pretty festive in here. I’m going to work on some spiced oranges this week so we can enjoy them for a few days. This weekend we’ll be at Ryan’s parent’s house for Christmas celebration number 1 out of the 3 we’ll be having this year. We are too lucky.

How has your shopping gone so far? How many people have you sarcastically mumbled “Oh no no nooo! Excuse ME!” to while waddling like a penguin in the crowd of other more frantic penguins trying to get to H&M?

You are not alone. You’ll get there in the end but then you’ll totally give up after you see the line. Just order it online.

I’m totally ranting because I miss the blogging world.

If you’ve made it this far I’ll award you with this video hilarious dog video Ryan sent me:

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L.R. said...

OMG that video! Ahahah!

I finally finished my shopping last week and I don't want to be in another big store for a LONG time. Good grief, people are losing their minds!

You have to share what you got after Christmas!

Sounds like you're going to be all over the place this Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!