Friday, April 29, 2011

Case of the (Royal Wedding) Fridays

Ohhhhhhhh what can I say that hasn’t already been said? The wedding was truly magical. I’m so happy for them both. I feel so lucky to have been able to see it all happen live. I had one billion hearts shooting out of my eyeballs, for real. K, there were a few tears too.

I tweeted photos off the tv and bits of commentary to my sister-in-law whom had to be at WORK the whole time. I know there are probably tonnnnnnns of pretty pictures of the wedding and dress out there but here are my shots (this is my blog after all):021023033036037046068070071074079081092098100103104109And I hope they will live happily ever after…

We switched off the tv and went into town to see all the flags and street parties. It had died down a bit so we went to lunch and said a little cheers for them both. I had my first margarita of the year and although they used table salt (bleh) it was delish. Couldn’t have asked for a better day and it was nice to see everyone in such a great mood.

Now I’m off to pack as we’re leaving tomorrow for Bristol then off to France on Monday! I’ve got an appointment with the hairdressers early tomorrow (eek). Not sure what I’m going to get but whatever it is will be good because it’ll be GOOD BYE SPLIT END CITY.

Have a wonderful wonderful weekend. I’ll be posting lots of pictures (not off the tv) of our trip soon. xxxx

Thursday, April 28, 2011

What I’ve been cooking up lately…

I usually try at least one new dish a week. Here is what I’ve been cooking up lately and I really suggest them! I try to choose things that are quick, easy and ask for ingredients I probably already have in my kitchen.potato-salad-2-550x Best Ever Potato Salad: That’s what they called but not sure if it’s the BEST. I’ve had some great potato salads in my day but it’s my first time making potato salad and it was pretty delicious.

mexmc-5x Mexican Mac and Cheese Cups: I didn't put them in cups. I used a casserole dish instead. It lasted a few days – which I love. We are big leftover food junkies. I love just popping a dish in the microwave or oven and well…being lazy. I have made homemade mac & cheese a few times before and this one just kicks it up a notch.

Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dipx Hot Spinach Artichoke Dip: Again, easy. First time making it and loved it. I made WAY too much because I went by the recipe and always forget it’s just the two of us.

Can you tell I love using our casserole dishes? I make everything in them. It feels so housewifey.


Btw I found all of these recipes on Pinterest. Sometimes if I’m totally lost on what to make for dinner I’ll browse the food section on Pinterest. Give it a go and tell me what you come up with because I always need something new to eat.

P.s. Not good if you’re trying to look fly this summer.
P.p.s. Omg fly girls

The Other Gypsy Wedding

il_570xN.161525667vintage_2Bwedding_2Bdresshairparty4Just for the hell of it and because these pictures are just nice to look at.

There will be no 9 year olds dancing to Shakira Shakiiiraaaa at this wedding!!


Mandolin via Celentano Woodworks, Gypsy Dress WeddingCenterpiece, Olive Ann Alcorn photo (oh she is so mysterious…) via Fieldguided via Gatochy, Bohemian spread via HonestlyWTF via 100LayerCake,

Wear it or Not?




Ehh…not super impressed. Where are all the good skorts hiding?! Ohhh they’re back in the 90’s? Ok. Well the other day when we went to Winchester I wore one of my Zara skirts with the cute pockets and decided to wear a pair of Ryan’s boxers underneath. WHAT?! Well, I don’t have tiny little shorts of my very own! It was a good thing I did though because our friend also decided to wear a skirt and had a little Marilyn in The Seven Year Itch moment while we were eating our ice cream cones. Wee!

 How do some girls get away with wearing such short dresses and skirts? Don’t get it.

Would you sport the skort?


Spot Frill Hem Skort at ASOS, Floral Print Skorts at Miss Selfridge, Free People Staying Cool Skort at ShopBop (love the pockets) .

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A little of this

004FLOWERSHAWTYMy nails are lookin’ so cute with this new nail polish I bought. I couldn’t stop posing with them. Monster hand! The little flower painting is a first attempt at painting in a long long time. They are wonky but it’s nice to have flowers around. I took a class once in high school but I’d really like to explore painting more. Those shorts are from Primark and they were only £4! That’s all.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monkeys, Tigers and Deer! Oh my!

The music has nothing to do with animals. It’s just a song I’ve been loving the last few days. Enjoy the bad video quality. <3


Song by Warpaint – Baby


Birthday 4252011 012Birthday 4252011 010Birthday 4252011 019Birthday 4252011 020Birthday 4252011 021Birthday 4252011 023Birthday 4252011 026Birthday 4252011 028Birthday 4252011 029Birthday 4252011 030Birthday 4252011 032Birthday 4252011 042Birthday 4252011 044Birthday 4252011 053Birthday 4252011 058Birthday 4252011 061Birthday 4252011 066Birthday 4252011 068Birthday 4252011 069Yesterday was my 26th birthday. I’m officially a year older. I actually feel pretty good about it. 26 isn’t too bad. I thought it would be hard but I feel great. Phew!

Ryan gave me my yearly dose of animals, taking me to one of my favorite places – Longleat! We did see more exotic animals but c’mon that photo of the turkey and chipmunk with the sock homes were well worth it. Towards the end of the trip, we ended up spending a lot of time waiting in the car because those crazy ass monkeys ripped pieces off of Ryan’s car and threw them! So we had to wait to collect them at the end of the day. I took a hair photo to show off my “bored so I’m going to make a braid” hairstyle and mega grey hairs – see I wasn’t lying.

I’ll post the video of two tigers walking IN FRONT OF RYAN’S CAR tomorrow as they take forever to upload. It was crazy awesome. They also mated right in front of us but I didn’t get that on camera because I was like :O and cracking up at the same time (26, really?). Plus I’d feel creepy. They usually just lounge around so it was cool to see the ladies all flirty with the male, rolling around and all that. Funny.

We ate dinner at Zen. Good sushi, spicy dishes and fried ice cream. Devoured. I passed out super early but had a really great day thanks to Ryan and all of the birthday messages I received. I feel loved!