Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Lovely Sunday

007002008012Did you know you can cut of the tops of green onions and stick them in a jar with water and they’ll just grow?? I didn’t. Guess it’s a bulb thing. Ryan is experimenting. Above that photo is the card I bought him for Valentines day (she really should have kept that nose). Below the onion experiment is a new sewing book I bought – it’s the cutest. I’ve already tried making a baby bib for my future niece. I say tried  because it was my first real project and it’s a bit sloppy but still cute (pink polka dots and stripes!). And below the cutest sewing book is a Christmas gift from my Dad.

Which reminds me that I never did a Christmas present show off post. I was given so many nice things. I’ll try to gather them along with some other bits I’ve bought that I really like right now.

Thanks for stopping by – the few that do!

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