Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Thinging


These are just a few things I’ve been mad about recently and for Spring. I am so glad it’s finally here. It really is. The pink magnolia tree across the street says so (photo soon).

1. The peacock cuff was Christmas gift from Ryan from Monsoon. I’m not a big bling fan bit this thing is so sparkly…of course it isn’t in the photo but it really is. Magpie.
2. Cherry, bird & cheeky monkey scarf from H&m. It’s huge and cozy.
3. Beauty UK’s Peaches & Cream blusher. So cheap and pretty.
4. Ring from Miss Selfridge.
5. Pastel pink mixing bowl – Christmas gift. People think it’s funny the way I react to gifts for our home. Too excited.
6. Finally hung our swan print from Fieldguided. Photo does not do it enough justice. It’s so sweet to look at.
7. Stella McCartney perfume S T E L L AAAA, also a Christmas gift. Pretty and yummy.


L.R. said...

Oh I love it all! SO excited about Spring! That bracelet and scarf are driving me crazy!!!!

Katie said...

Thanks! I love the bracelet too. I want to wear it with everything but I know that's just nutty.