Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Lovely Sunday

003002019017Happy April! It has been so nice to spend some time outside lately. Thank you, beautiful sunshine! I am welcoming April with open arms and a new blue dress with polka dots. Kind of reminds me of the one in “Don’t Speak”. I’ll be turning 27 at the end of the month so I intend to do lots of things to keep myself young. K, maybe just a few – it still counts. I even went to a da club and danced all night. Other things…

- Buy a really good sunscreen
- Buy a REALLY good night cream (help?). Been using Boots Botanical nc for last 6 months, meh.
- Go on more dates with my man
- Get a mani & pedi
- Read an inspiring book, then read another and another
- Ride a bike…GET a bike

What else keeps people young?? I’m not really a banana fan. I do like banana chips.

P.s. Something funny & sad that happened while we were on the beach.

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