Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Health Kick–Strawberries

I went strawberry picking again this weekend to stock up on one of my favorite fruits in the sunshine. It’s so nice to see where they are grown and actually choose each strawberry myself. They smelled so beautiful, I could lay in those fields for hours.

I encourage you to look for your local pick-your-own farm, grab a basket and start picking!

Strawberries can help prevent cataracts, some types of cancer, wrinkles, lower cholesterol, boost antioxidants and taste delicious.

x Strawberry fruit leather. I’ve also tried! So good but took so long.

x Make your own strawberry masks. I’m a maskaholic as you might already know.

x Bake up some classic strawberry shortcakes.

x Strawberry Vanilla and Strawberry Balsamic Jam.

x Video tutorial on dying clothes with strawberries. I’ve tried it. So pretty.

x An interesting recipe for Grilled Salmon with Strawberries. What?! Sounds strange but delicious.

x Strawberry Margarita’s in a jar. Yes.


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the actor's diet said...

strawberries are the best! so lucky in california they're always around!

Katie said...

I've been a strawberryaholic lately. We went picking again this weekend!

Brittany said...

omg a strawberry mask?? I think I would be liking my face too much lol