Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lady Mixalot–Drama Queen


Another name could be…Songs to pretend you’re Marilyn Monroe in a bathtub. So, if you’re feeling particularly dramatic, romantic, or want something mellow, here are some tunes for you and your bubbles. This mix is one for those in love, experiencing heartache or daydreaming of the one. It’s ok to cry or smile or laugh like a loonie. Listen here.

Let it out, ladies.

Track list:
1. Our Love Is Easy – Melody Gardot
2. Trash – Lana Del Rey
3. Misty – Ella Fitzgerald
4. So Sorry – Feist
5. A Cup Of Coffee – Garbage
6. All Is Full Of Love – Bjork
7. Baby – Warpaint
8. Something to Live For – Yann Tiersen & Shannon Wright
9. Ne Me Quitte Pas – Nina Simone
10. Miss Me – Eleni Mandell
11. So This Is Goodbye – Stina Nordenstam

Drama Queen from ballerinafingers on 8tracks.


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Liv Lundelius said...

Amazing photo, hahahahahah! And thanks for the list. I am always looking for some fun playlists to work to. xx

Katie said...

I love the photo - pugs are hilarious.