Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thoughts During Yoga: Is my mascara running?

Let's be real here - if shavasana is the first time during yoga that you need to tell yourself not to fart, you've had a pretty good class. Then again, you might shavasana at the beginning of class.

I always wear makeup when I go to a Yoga class. I was thinking about this earlier while I was on the mat in my living room. I wonder if I’m the only girl in class that does this? I'm pretty new to this class so I haven’t had the chance to look around. The class has been packed full of people so I stay in my spot, keep to myself am more focused on listening and breathing.

When I took adult ballet classes I was all made-up as well. Same goes for visiting the in-laws, grocery store…basically the only time my face is naked is at home with my Husband. That’s pretty common, right?

Every now and then I’ll go places with a bare face but hearing “Are you tired? You look tired.” every time put me off pretty quickly. I am very comfortable being bare faced around Ryan and he has never made any comments. He hasn’t even looked at me differently when I don’t have makeup on. I am lucky or he clearly needs glasses.

While I was on the mat, practicing my sweet moves, I was full of these thoughts and tried to convince myself that it’s because makeup is FUN and Yoga is fun and fun fun fun, duh! But realistically I think it’s because my Mom (and other mother figures) have never left the house without putting their face on. Also, my Dad likes his ladies to be pretty and I grew up thinking that makeup is instant pretty. Sigh

So this the beauty of practicing Yoga! I start to ask myself more questions:

- Why do I feel like I need to get dolled up to sweat it out?
- Is my Yoga instructor totally talking about me when she talks about not having to be perfect all the time (I don’t think I am but the makeup might speak otherwise)?
- Why am I so concerned about this anyway?
- Vain much?

“When your evaluation of self changes, when you feel differently about yourself, everything about you changes: your thoughts, feelings, emotions - every aspect of your behavior. The way you interpret and respond to the events in your life will also change. You will perceive the specific circumstances of your daily life differently because you'll have a new awareness and vantage point. You'll have less fear, fewer worries, more enthusiasm for life, and you will spontaneously become more effective in all you choose to do.”  - Moving Into Stillness by E. Shiffmann

I may never say good bye to makeup forever (ha) because it IS fun and I love buying it, applying it and wearing it. However, I do hope that the more I practice the less I’ll feel the need to wear some of it and the less offended I’ll be if someone says something not so nice to hear.

(queue Natalie Wood singing “I feel pretty!”)

Do you wear makeup while you work out? I know it’s probably so bad for my face as my pores open up and all that but I’m curious! Plus I need some sweat proof makeup tips. ;)


Illustration by Gemma Correll of course!


Liv Lundelius said...

Sooo: If I run in the evenings after work, I will have the make up from the day still on, I won't make the effort removing it.
When I run in the morning I wouldn't bother putting make up on for my run.
Same with yoga, if I go after work, I won't remove my make up, if I go on a day off, I prob would go without make up.
Yoga time is inner time for me, so I don't mind how I look.
I can give you sweat proof make up tipps though, being a make up artist: Creameyeshadows are often water/smudge proof and won't move, good waterproof mascaras are Masterpiece Waterproof by Max Factor and Shu Uemura. If you use Hourglass Veil Primer, everthing you put over the top becomes water resistant. Here is to many more pretty yoga classes. x

Katie said...

Same, I never wear makeup while practicing at home. My cream shadows usually end up creasing but they are pretty cheap. I'll try using it with a primer next time. Ooo must upgrade my oldschool Mabeline waterproof mascara. Thanks Liv!!

trishie said...

I used to wear make up when i did pilates. I probably still would if i took it up again.

Chelsea said...