Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Beauty Staple: Coconut Oil

041I wanted to share a health & beauty find that I’ll never go without again. I heard a lot about Bio-Oil and how it was a miracle oil (the commercial sucked me in). I usually use Coco butter because it’s super thick, smells amazing and keeps my skin soft. With Bio-Oil I’d use it around 3 days a week and found that it evened out my skin tone and surface. I didn’t see anything dramatic happening but the box says it takes months to improve scars but I’ve got a huge scar on my thigh and I noticed a big improvement after just a few weeks.

I don’t spend a ton on beauty products and Bio-Oil seemed a little expensive for what you get so I looked around for a cheaper alternative. I began to read a lot about coconut oil and got excited about all the great reviews. It was cheaper than Bio-Oil and had a lot of other good uses so I ordered a jar from Pukka Herbs (I recently bought Fushi’s coconut oil which was a bit cheaper after reading a post about it here).

When it arrived I was confused and thought maybe I had ordered the wrong oil as it was solid like a candle in a jar. So I Googled and read that it will melt when it hits the skin or when at room temperature. I learned later that sometimes the oil magically turning solid actually comes in handy as it isn’t so messy.

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You could probably search around and find about 200 benefits & ways to use coconut oil. I’ve tried and loved these:

x Cooking oil alternative – leaves a sweet taste so if you’re cooking savory things note it will smell and taste a tiny bit like coconut. Husband prefers quesadillas without coconut oil but I’d use it with everything if I could.
x Added to smoothies
x Face & body moisturiser (I recommend using it after a bath at night as it needs time to soak into your skin.)
x Use it in facemask recipes
x Oil Pulling (I had no idea this was a thing but haven’t been consistent enough to notice a difference. Helpful video here.)
x Sunscreen alternative
x Deep conditioning hair mask (I massage it through my hair before bed, put it up, then wash it in the morning.)
x Makeup remover

So yes, I love it and I’ve been using it more now as the weather is getting colder and the heating has been on, drying my skin out. I keep one in my bedroom and one in the kitchen. I haven’t tried any other oils aside from my little aromatherapy roll on’s but it is very tempting. I’d love any suggestions.xx

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Ellie said...

Ahh! I bought some recently for my hair and it was so good! Didn't know there were so many uses. Brilliant post, need to try the very intriguing oil-pulling I think! x