Friday, December 14, 2012

On the menu

Last week:
I’ve said before that I like to try to make at least one new meal a week. Breakfast was non-existent so we had full fat dinners. So bad but so good. I was pretty much stuffed full at dinner. We started with this caramelised mushroom pizza (using premade dough) and ended the week on a slightly lighter (skim milk) note with a creamy tomato soup.

caramelized onion & mushroom pizza Tomato & corn soup

This week:
Tonight is this red wine glazed steak as we were given a bottle of red wine from a friend for house sitting last month. And as the weather gets colder and colder I like the thought of eating more soup. So I’ll be trying this broccoli soup from Jamie Oliver.

Wine-Glazed Steak Broccoli Soup

You can find more recipes here...


Josie said...

I made a broccoli soup the other day and it rules. Can't believe I'm 31 and only just discovered broccoli soup.

by BUN said...

that pizza looks delish! my fiance and I totally were on a huge at home pizza making kick. we even starting to make them on our bbq grill! it adds a nice crispy kinda crust to it.

Katie said...

The broccoli soup was delicious - my first ever!