Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Scary Sunday

004This week…

Great thing – my niece, Scarlett, was born in the morning on Friday, the 24th of February. She is too friggen cute and super tiny. We’ll be flying over to France in April to meet her and I cannot wait! In fact I may or may not have been to Zara kids just to get something else for her. Zara kids is dangerous. I wish I had a little machine that I could use to zap their clothes and make them my size (but same prices).

Scary thing – I totally drove over here (on the tiny car filled streets of England) ...and survived! I know. Super big deal for me.

Hope you all had a great & scary weekend too. Really, it is good to be scared sometimes. I had a major freak out the night before but stuck it out and it wasn’t…too…bad… 003

My reward.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Pancake Day

imageRaspberry & Chocolate Pancakes - Fig and Fennel

imageRicotta Pancakes – BlogChef

imageBirthday Pancakes – How sweet it is

imageBrownie batter pancakes – Chocolate Covered Katie (great name btw)

I am a pretty boring pancake eater as I usually only have a few bites of nice classic fluffy pancakes. I’d prefer my brother to make them as he just has the pancake makin gene. But I thought I’d share these recipes because TOMORROW IS PANCAKE DAY PEOPLE and I’ve had to hear about this day for the last few weeks. Ryan was constantly checking this site to be sure he doesn’t miss it.



image image
Lana & Julia!

Just sayin.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Lovely Sunday

007002008012Did you know you can cut of the tops of green onions and stick them in a jar with water and they’ll just grow?? I didn’t. Guess it’s a bulb thing. Ryan is experimenting. Above that photo is the card I bought him for Valentines day (she really should have kept that nose). Below the onion experiment is a new sewing book I bought – it’s the cutest. I’ve already tried making a baby bib for my future niece. I say tried  because it was my first real project and it’s a bit sloppy but still cute (pink polka dots and stripes!). And below the cutest sewing book is a Christmas gift from my Dad.

Which reminds me that I never did a Christmas present show off post. I was given so many nice things. I’ll try to gather them along with some other bits I’ve bought that I really like right now.

Thanks for stopping by – the few that do!