Thursday, February 21, 2013

Case of the Thursdays

Isn’t she lovely? I’m posting my Friday links a little early. It has been months since posting one of these. Hope you find something you like and feel free to share your favorite things this week! I’d love to know. Here are mine…

x I watched Beyoncé's ‘Life Is But A Dream’ HBO documentary. I had never been a Beyoncé girl (at least not as much as the whole world seems to be). Her songs are fabulous and of course I know most of the words to them but I guess I just didn’t know much else about her, which is what she wanted, really. I sat down to watch it and within a minute I was holding back tears. Not sure if it’s a combo of being emotional lately (totally why) or because she seemed so raw and real. I really envy that. I strive to be a strong, confident woman and she is all that and 100xmore/b.o.c. I stood a little taller that day. I also saw the Oprah interview where Oprah said to Beyoncé that she watched it with 6 young girls and they said “she’s just like us!”. <3 Thank you Beyoncé. It was a really inspiring film.
x Coveting this bronze floral ring from Arrow Jewellery on Etsy
x Every morning for the last few weeks I’ve been playing this song. It’s just too good and get’s me pumped up for the day because I can’t help but dance to it. You should see the lead singer sing live too. It’s great.
x Probably the most gorgeous pregnancy announcement I’ve ever seen…ever. I hope that one day I can look half as beautiful with a flower crown and pregnant belly. Wow. So beautiful. Drape me in flowers!
x Yesterday I made sweet & sour chicken (via Goldteef’s Pinterest). So sticky, sweet and really easy to make. Plus I was already stocked up and didn’t have to buy any extra ingredients, just chicken.
x Smell like a real cat lady! I love this shop. I’m adding the tomato leaf oil to my collection because because because because becaaaaaaause.
x I saw this video and freaked out at how sweet this kid is then he totally transforms into an crazy tiny dancer. He is so shy but when he’s dancing he looks super confident. He loves it! If he’s this cool now…dang. Also, I like Ellen but I find it weird that she collects young Youtube sensations like Simon Cowell does on his shows. I think it makes them grow up so fast.
x A lovely giveaway to celebrate being self-employed for one year (so inspiring!!).
x My new greetings cards that I’m excited about having in my growing shop. Also, I’ve had some exciting news I hope to share here soon.x
x Hay Day. Wtf I’m obsessed. Ryan is also obsessed. He plays on my farm because he’s too cool. We’re considering turning our farm into a bakery where we just sell cakes, muffins, breads ect…Yep! It’s that bad. I’m at level 23 but apparently that’s nothing compared to all the other farms that have a billion trees, flowers and wild dogs runnin around everywhere. I dream about the day I buy my first goat and garden swing. I’m just sayin, if you don’t have a pet, a garden or both (like us) then maybe this is the game for you. Don’t judge me because I look forward to milking my cows and picking apples in my orchard every morning.

Hope you have a nice weekend!xx

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