Friday, February 8, 2013

DIY: Valentine’s Day Bottle of Bubbly

valentines_day_diyWhat you’ll need:
x 2-3 bottles of pink & white bubble bath (I used my favorite drugstore bubble bath as you can’t really tell after it’s poured in the bottle and I use them often so I know they make lots of bubbles.)

x 1 glass bottle (I bought this bottle from Ikea)

x ribbon, paper for label, lipstick for a kiss, tissue paper to wrap (all optional!)valentines_day_diy_bathvalentines_day_bath_diyPour the bubble bath in layers. A creamy bubble bath will float and a more gel like bubble bath will sink. You can experiment with them in a glass beforehand.valentinesday_bottle_diyWrap the bottle in tissue paper. I made a simple label by cutting out a heart and giving it a kiss. I think it would be cute to do those cheesy coupons that say “good for one bubble bath”.valentines_day_bottle_diyvalentinesday_bath_diyPush your potions and lotions to the side and light candles to make it a little more romantic. Also, be careful as it is glass.

Embrace the cheesiness and have a happy Valentine’s Day! I have another DIY coming up before the big day so stay tuned. x

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