Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Moon & Stars

I read somewhere that this week is a new moon. I don’t know much about moons and stars but when I read what it meant I felt like I should be more aware and keep it in mind. I am that girl who reads the cheesy horoscopes in the back of the magazine then ooo’s and ahh’s.

The Virgo Moon reminds us that we are multidimensional beings. Our past, present and future lives are running simultaneously in the NOW. The Ascension process is challenging at times. This is true. We want to be proactive not reactive. We want to come from LOVE not fear. We are changing our DNA structure. Thus, we must practice Extreme Self-Care. Getting plenty of rest, quiet time, hydration, raw foods, reflection and meditation are requirements to stay balanced and purify our body, mind and heart for the spirit and soul.

The Sun in Pisces reminds us not to escape reality by seeing the best in someone or something. In this way, we can avoid disappointment. The Moon in Virgo encourages us to exercise discrimination in our choices. Keeping busy in personal pursuits will make for a happy Virgo Moon. For instance, this is a terrific time to dream, meditate, draw, write, play, and create. Imagine your life exactly the way you desire.

Also, Ryan gave me this lovely moon necklace from Tides for Valentine’s Day which makes me wonder…

Am I turning into Dorothy Torkelson?

Hope you had a nice Valentine’s Day. Ryan ironed out his new dress shirt I bought him and I put on my first red dress. We went for a four course dinner (deal) at The Grand Cafe in Southampton. It was so funny to see couple after couple in suits and dresses at their little table for two with a single rose. The staff was buzzing around like mad. They were churning out choux pastry swans like nobody’s business. While we were eating, a gentleman dressed like Sinatra was gliding around the maze of tables, singing songs and making jokes into his muffled microphone that no one could understand. Ryan and I embraced the cheesiness and laughed to ourselves. Then he sang “I get a KICK out of youuuu” and I caught a glimpse of him doing karate kick next to a lady biting into her lamb chop and pretending that didn’t just happen. I mean if that isn’t entertainment?! 

We wanted to try the restaurant after always passing by on our way into town but I think we’ll stick to our usual spots that are a little more intimate. We had an entertaining night though.x