Monday, February 18, 2013

Shop Update -The Three Amigas

trio_flower_cards_ladyandlion_etsyhopeless_romantic_etsy_ladyandlion_cardThere are three floral cards now available in my shop! These are a few of my favorite photographs from last Summer.

I know it’s barely Spring but I cannot wait for all of the lovely flowers to bloom around here.

Looking at these cards in my shop takes me back to my junior high school days when I used to walk to our Hallmark shop and read practically every one of their cards. I’d even meet up with my besties in there. I’m pretty sure the lady behind the counter always wanted to kick us out because we’d just smell up all the candles and never bought anything.

Now I smell up all the candles and buy every pretty card I see.

You can see more of my cards at ladyandlion. xx

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