Friday, March 1, 2013

Shop Update–Dogs and Floral Crowns

afterglow(31)I’m so excited to have Mishka in my shop. She is my friend Melissa’s dog who thinks she is the Queen of the world. I miss them both. Melissa asked me to draw Mishka after I started using the Paper app and I thought she was just to pretty not to put on one of my mirrors. She looks like a little fox!

I’ve also added two new ladies with floral crowns in anticipation for Spring. I’ve fallen in love with them and I really want a floral crown of my own. afterglow(34)They were inspired by a photo of my Mom and Dad on their way to prom where Mom is wearing one! Dad is still totally embarrassed by his tux but I think he looks awesome.
mom dad prom

You can visit my shop here.

Have a great weekend!!x


P.s. Had to resist the urge to put a flower crown on Mishka. I may just give in next time.

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