Friday, March 15, 2013

World Sleep Day

beautysleep“Golden Sleep Principals”

1. Healthy brains depend on healthy sleep
I eat lots of fish and take my fish oils on the daily. I hope this counts for something. I also have lots of brain training apps and yesterday I watched “how it’s made” (ha…ha?). Meditation helps clear my head and I find that my dreams go easy on me.

2. Healthy bodies depend on healthy sleep
Guess who started the 30 day shred last night..? Yeah, we’ll see how that goes because she seriously kicked my ass. Making sure my body is tired at the end of the day helps me pass out.

3. Cozy sleep environment
Fresh sheets are the best to crawl into and I keep candles and amber fairy lights in the bedroom. Anything with lavender or honey & milk is helpful to use at night as it reminds my brain that it’s time to sleep.
4. Helping hand
Cheeky. But seriously, I am against prescription sleeping aids. They are dangerous and there are lots of other ways to help regulate sleep. Working out, eating things like bananas, oats, cherries, flax seeds, drinking milk & honey, cut yourself off from electronics, meditate to relieve stress and anxiety, sleep in darkness…

5. Bedtime routine
Dimming the lights a few hours before bed and taking a bath helps me relax. I have some kind of sleepy tea, straighten up the place, wash, brush ect…but I need to work on not playing games on my ipad before bed.

6. Sleeping alone

These principals were taken from the World Sleep Day site and this year it’s a guide for parents but I think it’s beneficial for everyone to have some kind of bedtime routine. It helps my mind and body relax and I’m able to have deeper sleep. I love sleep.ZZzzZzzz

Have a good weekend – sleep in!


Josie said...

I NEVER appreciated my sleep as much as I have done since becoming a parent. There is literally nothing better. Except maybe wine.

LottiLovesLondon said...

I am finding sleep so difficult at the mo so glad I stumbled across your blog! Will try some of your tips this week. X