Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day Vow

earthloveCelebrating Earth Day by listening to what happens to be my favorite Michael Jackson song. I’m giving a huge hug to the Earth today. I am most definitely an Earth sign and I’m married to one as well. We try to do our best when it comes to being eco friendly. I like to re-use containers and I try to buy eco friendly products where I can. We’re also religiously recycling. It’s much easier in the UK (and the law). I know we could do better so today I vow to take less baths and more showers. Every little helps!

What will you vow on to do to help protect our Earth this year?


Earth Love print by SnoogsAndWilde on Etsy

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Camilla said...

I love this, that illustration is fantastic too

xo Camilla

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